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These are the Top Things to Do Around Halloween: A Ghoulish Guide

by James Winton August 16, 2023

These are the Top Things to Do Around Halloween: A Ghoulish Guide

As the air turns crisp and the leaves transform into a kaleidoscope of colors, the enchanting season of Halloween descends upon us. Amidst the pumpkin patches and haunted houses, a world of thrilling activities awaits those seeking the perfect blend of spookiness and fun. Whether you're a die-hard Halloween enthusiast or just looking to embrace the spirit of the season, here's a ghoulish guide to the top things to do around Halloween.

1. Explore Haunted Attractions

Embrace the thrill of the unknown by visiting haunted attractions that promise to send shivers down your spine. From eerie mazes and haunted hayrides to spine-tingling escape rooms, these experiences offer an adrenaline rush like no other. Immerse yourself in a world of ghosts, ghouls, and suspense as you navigate through the dark and unexpected.

Here are a few of Americas top Haunted Attractions according to Hauntworld

2. Carve Pumpkins and Decorate

No Halloween season is complete without the age-old tradition of pumpkin carving. Gather your family and friends, select the plumpest pumpkins, and unleash your creativity. Whether you're crafting a classic jack-o'-lantern grin or intricate design, pumpkin carving is a delightful way to express your Halloween spirit. Don't forget to deck out your home with eerie decorations to create an atmosphere that's equal parts spooky and festive.

Here is over 100 Halloween decorating ideas from HGTV

3. Attend Costume Parties

Dressing up isn't just for kids – adults can join in the fun too! Attend Halloween costume parties and let your imagination run wild. From spine-chilling zombies to whimsical fairytale characters, the possibilities are endless. These gatherings are the perfect opportunity to showcase your creative prowess and connect with fellow Halloween enthusiasts.

Check out Spirit Halloween for great costume ideas

4. Indulge in Spooky Treats

Halloween isn't just about scares – it's also a time to indulge in deliciously spooky treats. From candy corn and caramel apples to themed desserts that defy the imagination, treat yourself to a culinary adventure that captures the essence of the season. Whip up ghoulish delights at home or explore local bakeries and eateries offering limited-time Halloween-themed treats.

Here are 45 spooky treat ideas from Taste of Home

5. Explore Haunted History

Delve into the history and folklore of your area by embarking on haunted history tours. Learn about local legends, mysterious occurrences, and spine-chilling stories that have been passed down through generations. These tours provide a unique blend of entertainment and education, offering a glimpse into the darker side of your town's past.

According to Conde Nast these are the 32 most haunted places in America

6. Watch Halloween Movies

Get cozy with a bowl of popcorn and a selection of classic Halloween movies. From spine-tingling horror films to family-friendly favorites, there's something for everyone. Revisit timeless classics or discover new releases that capture the essence of the season, allowing you to enjoy the spooky atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

Town & Country says these are the top 60 movies with Halloween themes

7. Embrace Halloween Apparel All Month Long

Why limit the Halloween spirit to just one night? Embrace the enchantment of the season by wearing Halloween-inspired apparel throughout October. From bewitching t-shirts to cozy hoodies, let your clothing reflect your spooky enthusiasm. It's a fun and stylish way to celebrate the spirit of Halloween every day.

Here at Haunt Shirts we've got great choices to show off your love of Halloween in comfortable and stylish ways

Enjoy this Halloween Season!

Halloween is a time of enchantment, a season where the boundary between the ordinary and the supernatural blurs. Embrace the spirit of the occasion by exploring haunted attractions, getting creative with pumpkins, attending costume parties, indulging in treats, learning about haunted history, and enjoying spooky movies. Whether you're seeking heart-pounding thrills or lighthearted fun, these top activities offer a perfect blend of Halloween magic that will leave you with unforgettable memories. So, don your favorite costume, carve that pumpkin, and embark on a ghoulish adventure that captures the essence of this bewitching season.

James Winton
James Winton

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